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Network Solutions

Building secure and fast networks that fit the needs of your growing business.

Cyber Security

Securing your technology from end to end is imperative to ensuring your success.

Outsourced IT

Lease a percentage of an IT department instead of paying for full time employees.

Tech Support

Always have a resource to call upon. Our team is there for you and your business.

A Managed Service Provider

Modern Solutions To Business Technology

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are still struggling to implement the basic technology needed to grow towards more mature business infrastructure. Enterprise-level services are considered out of reach for growing businesses which leaves them wanting on multiple levels in an age where technology services can be the difference between success and failure. Businesses that create amazing products find themselves struggling under the weight of keeping up with changes in technology. Business owners do not have the time to spend on educating themselves about the most recent changes or threats while running their business. This can lead to failures in not just security, but also stability and efficiency.

At Last Bastion Technology we leverage enterprise-level technologies for small business. We consult with businesses on their needs for IT infrastructure/service and then provide ways to fulfill those needs. Our most popular services include CTO as a service, network design, security evaluation and remediation, and technology lease/support on a monthly contract. Many of our clients employ our services to create a solution for a single fix, but then find that the multitude of services we offer make a good fit for all their IT needs.

By managing the technology services for multiple businesses we are able to drive the price of these services down.  We remain brand agnostic so that we can provide the best solution for our clients needs.  This never means a compromise in quality because we make sure our technicians are versed in the technology used, even if that means getting them new certifications.  We maintain our reputation for quality and knowledge by providing consistent education to our staff.  Providing services that our clients can be sure take advantage of the best technology for their situation is a must for both their and our continued success.


What is a Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider is a company that provides business technology solutions to businesses of all sizes. If a company requires computers to operate, it’s very important that those computers can operate. The issue businesses face is that they’re not large enough to hire an entire IT department.

A managed service provider, provides a an entire IT department, but as it is needed, only billing for allocated time for that company. Essentially you have exactly the IT staff you need, but only when you need it.

We provide monitoring and proactive solutions to issues in your technology, before they happen. Additionally, we back up and protect your valuable information from ransomware, hackers, and other bad actors.

Here are a few examples of our many services:

Device Monitoring

We keep track of what’s going on with your devices. Monitoring for cyber attacks, hardware issues, and resource allocation.

Planning & Implementing

We plan for how your business runs now, as well as how it will run in the future. We make sure you’re as scalable as possible.

Employee Training

Training is the number one defense against cyber attacks. Make sure your entire staff is trained against hackers.

Disaster Recovery

In the worst case scenario, we ensure your ability to recover from an attack, with backups, redundancy, and monitoring

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We use LBT for consulting and large projects. They are reliable and affordable!

Bobbie Greenman

IT Manager

“Very responsive. No matter what the issue, Caleb and Team respond in a timely and friendly manner.”

Lenny Huiras


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Meet our team

Last Bastion is comprised of a multitude of industry experts across a number of fields. We didn’t stop at any one experience set as it felt like a disservice to limit our knowledge to any one set of technologies. Instead we networked with top tier technology providers, and focused our education on having a wide understanding of all industry leading technologies.

Our goal is to bring the power of technology that has traditionally been limited to large enterprises to all of our clients regardless of size at a very affordable rate.

We’d love to get to you know you and your business. It’s what drives our passion for this work, seeing others succeed.

Caleb Yankus – CTO

Caleb is a veteran of the IT industry, He’s spent 20 years working with organizations involving banking, medical, insurance, and more. He brings a deep understanding of technology to every situation and ensures that no system goes unprotected.

Justin Deedon – Cloud Administrator

Justin’s career has spanned across a multitude of technologies, with a clear specialization in online and cloud technologies. He focuses heavily on education, as he also serves as a college professor in cyber security.

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